Poem #4

Night and Day,

Are they really that different?

Seems that Way,

But they share the same space.

Nine to Five,

The Sun rises up and then sets.

Works and Strives,

Like someone with purpose.

Set to Rise,

The Moon then takes up the night shift.

Don’t Surmise,

That this work is somehow worthless.

The Sun is,

A light in the sky burning bright.

The Moon is,

A guide for all those in the night.

The split of the two is not even clear.

Both can be seen as the horizon grows near.

For all their different features,

They still blend and mix.

A beautiful red matures,

Forever fixed.

Though Night and Day may be different,

Doves still call at Dawn and Dusk.


Poem #2

The air is a fine mist of rain,

Like breathing underwater.

It relieves my lungs of all strain,

Taking deep breaths in and out.

There is a faint breeze today,

The branches teeter-totter.

The sky is a dullish grey,

Nothing living is about.

New spring leaves already falling,

Leaving home like old daughters.

None of the spring birds are calling,

Even they are left with doubt.

Certainly it’s not spring yet,

There is not a sign nor clue.

Is there a way we’d forget,

All the things that spring feels like.

Maybe our calendar was cut,

Or we skipped a month or two?

This isn’t really open-shut,

It’s like a wandering hike.

To be able to hike’s nice,

If only, this I could do.

Right now the ground is a vice,

Thick mud ’cause of the rain spike.

A little sunshine could make dry,

A way for me to pass through.

Much more of this and I will die,

I want to walk, run, swim, and bike.

Poem #1

Amongst lightning and thunder is my favorite place to wonder,

My mind begins to wander and upon random things I ponder.

For everything I know there’s a million more I don’t,

And no matter how I try I really simply won’t.

The rain is beautiful and chilling,

And music is quite fulfilling.

There are many places I’d like to travel too,

An adventurous traveler passing through.

In My Eyes Only

Still and silent,

Yet towering giant,

Front and center,

If only to me.

Background insistent,

Distracted and distant,


To all but me.

Eyes of emerald but eyelids of steel,

A summer breeze voice and iron clamp jaw.

A beautiful smile and deliberate guile,

The greatest humor and patience of all.

Kind and witty,

Plus smart and pretty,

Far away,

And blending to gray.

Though you subdue,

All that which is you,

It’s clear as can be,

If only to me.

Second Thoughts: A Tool for Life

via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

Second thoughts; you’ve come so far and worked up to what it is you said you wanted and now just before you get it you start to have doubts. Is this really what I wanted. Does this actually help me in the long run; does it help me soon. Second thoughts are what some people might call a burden or a bummer. They’re something that can turn a momentous occasion into a question or an experience into a thought. Second thoughts can take all the sweetness out of a victory that you’ve fought long and hard to earn. They can take all you’re hope and change it into doubt. But second thoughts don’t have to be all bad. Sure, they do all these things, but second thoughts and doubts are important. Sometimes we don’t think nearly enough before setting out to complete a task. It can be hard to take into consideration all the factors and find out who it might affect. So, sometimes, just when you’re about to do something stupid or downright harmful, second thoughts can be a blessing. This is important in everyday life and it’s especially important today. Yes, I’m talking about the election, but only just to say this. Whoever you vote for, before you do, really think. Don’t just think but research it as well. Don’t be afraid to have your doubts, follow them and really figure out what you’re doing because that’s what second thoughts are for.


via Daily Prompt: Irksome

This topic is irritating. Why should I write about things that annoy me. They already annoy me enough in my everyday life, and now they’ve come for my writing as well. Just thinking about all this is irksome. I can’t handle this any more. That’s It! I’m done!


So, I’m sure we’ve all got pet peeves; little things that don’t annoy everyone, but drive us insane. For example, I hate the feeling of chalk under my finger nails. Sometimes it isn’t even things that irk us, but people. Everyone knows at least one person they can’t stand, whether it’s some arbitrary trait about them, like their voice, or the way that they act. Annoyance is strange. No matter how little you really care about something or someone, you can’t help but get obsessed. You notice it more and more as you direct more and more of you’re attention to that one detail that just doesn’t sit right with you. It starts off with minor to mild annoyance and tuned-up focus and then turns to anger before complete submission. Then once you’ve finally given up, you try to think of anything else that can distract you from it and try to distance yourself from that annoying thought as best as you can. Irritation is an interesting thing. It’s a defense mechanism to keep people away, a way to get joy out of others almost pointless suffering, and many other things. I know from experience with my brothers that  irritation can be used in many ways like a multi-tool.  But I also know from experience that it can be a stupid way to lose a friend. So, in a way irritation or annoyance comes with responsibility, as like any great power.

Relish’ in Chicago

via Daily Prompt: Relish

As a Chicagoan I have a liking for relish. Our native, neon green relish goes great on hot dogs and is a fun little trademark of Chicago food. It’s a small emblem of city pride, and another thing I can love about my home. It’s something that I relish about Chicago. But relish isn’t the only thing that I relish about Chicago. I love the skyscrapers, lakefront, sports teams (Go Cubs!!!), parks, weather, and most of the people. The city is beautiful and now that it’s fall it’s more beautiful than any other time of the year, especially with the nice weather. I have a lot of pride in Chicago, it’s something that I consider to be a large part of what makes me, me. And I know I’m not the only one who has this feeling. Everyone has a at least a little bit of pride and love for where they came from. Everyone relishes somewhere. There are loads of songs, and other forms of art expressing these feelings, but my personal favorite is the song “Town I Loved So Well” by The Dubliners and Luke Kelly. You should check it out, it’s very good and might even instill you with more pride for your home town and make you think about what you love about it, and why it’s beautiful. For me it will always be that Chicago-Style neon green relish.