Poem #5

The air vents run cold,

A kind of vacuous rattling.

The wood floor creeks, old,

And splintered along it’s dark grain.

A fall breeze sways leaves,

A crisp type of signaling sound.

Rain drips from the eaves,

Gutters joining the symphony.

Fall is here today,

With its dark but charming mindset.

Clouds are here to stay,

Narrowed paths ahead and behind.

New sounds overpower the hymns of yesterday.


Poem #3

Life is peculiar to say the least.

Bustling and Rapid,

Quiet and Vapid.

Love doesn’t ferment too well with yeast.

Bubbling and Building,

Fading and Gilding.

Sadness is its own little journey.

Crying and Swelling,

Dying and Yelling.

You could just end up in a gurney.

Hoping and Praying,

Leaving or Staying.

Not everyone knows what’s in their range.

Dreaming and Scoring,

Falling or Soaring.

No one can tell you how life will be.

It’s really different for you and me.

There’s no changing the past or forgetting the present.

Life is Strange.

Poem #1

Amongst lightning and thunder is my favorite place to wonder,

My mind begins to wander and upon random things I ponder.

For everything I know there’s a million more I don’t,

And no matter how I try I really simply won’t.

The rain is beautiful and chilling,

And music is quite fulfilling.

There are many places I’d like to travel too,

An adventurous traveler passing through.

Base the Facts: A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Base

Base the Facts

Building growing, bottom showing,

Stem from me up t’ward the sky.

Running round the pitchers mound,

Or salts and baking soda dry.

An  army camp, or low-pitch amp,

A place to build, a place to fall.

Ideas to steal, sound you can feel,

Support is crucial to us all.

Bases are found everywhere,

But do not pop out of thin air.

They’re manufactured, or built by hand,

A market that’s in high demand.

So whether real, or figurative,

They’re everywhere we choose to live.

The music that we listen to,

The games and food and buildings too.

So bases, though they seem so tame,

Are humble beginnings and roads to fame.