Blue Elementary

I’m sad. My birthday was a few days ago and yet I’m feeling down in the dumps. Not because anyone forgot, or because I didn’t get anything I liked. In fact, my birthday has nothing to do with it at all.I’m depressed because of school and life and the thin fragile beam I walk each day.When I’m not distracting myself with something I can’t help but feel blue. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never know any other hue. Pain and despair fill me up and yet on the outside I’m cool as a cucumber. I go to Blue Elementary, a school whose motto is: Bottle it up, life’s tough. They have counselors, people who try to help me by scolding me and then asking for pity. They ask me what’s wrong? Why do you refuse to work? They don’t realize I can’t forfeit that information. I’m too fragile. I can’t risk showing them what really drives me and where my passions lie. If they scorn me for it or call me crazy then I’ll surely shatter. Besides, they haven’t earned my respect. They see me as a job. Someone who has strayed from the path and needs correcting. I don’t believe in mistakes or regret. The path I carve is the only correct path even if it’s fraught with sorrow under there scrutiny. So, I’m sad. Trapped by my own decision to return and re-enroll at Blue Elementary.


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