Second Thoughts: A Tool for Life

via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

Second thoughts; you’ve come so far and worked up to what it is you said you wanted and now just before you get it you start to have doubts. Is this really what I wanted. Does this actually help me in the long run; does it help me soon. Second thoughts are what some people might call a burden or a bummer. They’re something that can turn a momentous occasion into a question or an experience into a thought. Second thoughts can take all the sweetness out of a victory that you’ve fought long and hard to earn. They can take all you’re hope and change it into doubt. But second thoughts don’t have to be all bad. Sure, they do all these things, but second thoughts and doubts are important. Sometimes we don’t think nearly enough before setting out to complete a task. It can be hard to take into consideration all the factors and find out who it might affect. So, sometimes, just when you’re about to do something stupid or downright harmful, second thoughts can be a blessing. This is important in everyday life and it’s especially important today. Yes, I’m talking about the election, but only just to say this. Whoever you vote for, before you do, really think. Don’t just think but research it as well. Don’t be afraid to have your doubts, follow them and really figure out what you’re doing because that’s what second thoughts are for.


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