via Daily Prompt: Irksome

This topic is irritating. Why should I write about things that annoy me. They already annoy me enough in my everyday life, and now they’ve come for my writing as well. Just thinking about all this is irksome. I can’t handle this any more. That’s It! I’m done!


So, I’m sure we’ve all got pet peeves; little things that don’t annoy everyone, but drive us insane. For example, I hate the feeling of chalk under my finger nails. Sometimes it isn’t even things that irk us, but people. Everyone knows at least one person they can’t stand, whether it’s some arbitrary trait about them, like their voice, or the way that they act. Annoyance is strange. No matter how little you really care about something or someone, you can’t help but get obsessed. You notice it more and more as you direct more and more of you’re attention to that one detail that just doesn’t sit right with you. It starts off with minor to mild annoyance and tuned-up focus and then turns to anger before complete submission. Then once you’ve finally given up, you try to think of anything else that can distract you from it and try to distance yourself from that annoying thought as best as you can. Irritation is an interesting thing. It’s a defense mechanism to keep people away, a way to get joy out of others almost pointless suffering, and many other things. I know from experience with my brothers that  irritation can be used in many ways like a multi-tool.  But I also know from experience that it can be a stupid way to lose a friend. So, in a way irritation or annoyance comes with responsibility, as like any great power.


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