Sincerely, Yourself

via Daily Prompt: Sincere

Are you really who I think?

Am I really who you think?

Am I who I think I am?

Sincerity is a strange thing. There’s so much emphasis in society that honesty is the best policy and that a good person has integrity. We idolize sincerity; Lincoln didn’t live his life lying, we even call him Honest Abe. There are plenty of TV episodes, it doesn’t matter which show, where the plot revolves around one character lying and eventually seeing the error of their ways and promising to never lie again. Yet, with all this emphasis on always telling the truth we as individuals aren’t really that honest. We put on facades and try to fit in and actively hide the truth out of fear, sadness, good intentions, and more. We’re also often disingenuous with ourselves. We don’t also ask ourselves the tough questions. Who am I? “Well that’s easy” you might reply. “I’m a parent, a sibling, a grandparent, a child, a worker, a student.” But what are you really? Introspection is hard. Very hard! And time-consuming, and frustrating, and TERRIFYING! “Maybe I’ll be disapointed with myself. Maybe I’ll find something I don’t like.” These fears drive people away from being honest with themselves and others, and they’re so strong that it often becomes accepted that you shouldn’t take the time to learn about yourself and be sincere. But you can’t fix something until you know what the problem is. Maybe you will look deep within yourself and find something that you don’t like and that you feel makes you less of a person or without value. But this shouldn’t stop you. You have to face your fears to conquer them, and the only way to improve yourself is to know yourself. Nobodies perfect, so improve along the way. Be yourself, know yourself, and be sincere.


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