Bludgeon: Real World Force and Weight

via Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

Old World to Now

A bludgeon is one of the most archaic and crude form of weapon to have ever existed. First there was fist, and then there was stick. The bludgeon has no real cleverness to it and neither does the act of bludgeoning something, or god forbid, someone. It is a pure act of force; how heavy a rock can I hold, and how hard can I pummel you with it. Actions such as bludgeoning show just how primal or wild we can be. Thought is a lot of what makes us special, and so an act like this not something we should have pride in or tell glorious stories of. The world has put up fighters like deities for millennia through stories and art. We’ve all read the great epics of old or turned on the TV and seen boxing or UFC.  So, although we may not all enjoy images of force or violence and the world has gotten better at labeling violence as bad under all circumstances, violence and bludgeoning are still present.

Bludgeoning this Year

This year has been crazy and wild and chalk full of violent or wrongful use of force. Even on the large scale this has been 0bviously present, although this type of force may not have been physical. Verbal assault and corrupt conspiracy have run rampant. So, of course I’m talking about the election, not to show preference, but to reflect. The primaries were full of insults, that’s almost all they were. They were manipulated behind the scenes and plenty of wild smears were brought up without a single bit of focus on policy. So, it seems that, if you can believe that it has only been for a year, we’ve reverted to animals. Our supposed leaders have been nothing but forceful, they’ve shown none of the other true emotions or thought processes that make us human. This year has been one long cockfight between childish leaders bludgeoning each other our values, rights, and constitution.


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